The Old Fort – by Steve Kemp

As you reach The Old Fort, prepare to have your breath taken away. Once you breathe again, you’ll be in love! This must be the most romantic villa in the Caribbean – although the term “villa” really doesn’t do The Old Fort justice. This isn’t just a villa, it’s a very comfortable, welcoming home. The Schaedle family will do everything to make it yours from the moment you walk in. The Old Fort boasts characterful, comfortable bedrooms; great places to relax and dine – outside and in; a lovely pool with amazing views out to Mustique…all this and donkeys too! What more could anyone possibly want? We just can’t wait to get back! Getting to Bequia may sound a bit complicated, but don’t be put off: it’s really not difficult. The journey’s a great part of the experience, anyway. We flew north to St. Vincent, from Trinidad, and were just captivated by the Grenadines, floating in the clearest, bluest ocean we’d ever seen. From St. Vincent’s airport, a friendly taxi driver soon got us to Kingstown. He checked ferry times and suggested breakfast at Cobblestones restaurant. It was good advice! Don’t rush to the ferry; amble, soak up island life – chill and connect.

Soon the Bequia Express ties up and discharges passengers with efficient chaos. Climb aboard for the one hour crossing – and relax! Bequia’s silhouette crystallizes into an intricate, green paradise, as Admiralty Bay embraces the returning ferry. Port Elizabeth grows from hillside specks and soon you’ll see its streets merging seamlessly with the tree-lined, restaurant-fronted beach. Then you start to meet the people and the love affair becomes irresistible!

Diving in The Grenadines

Each island in this tropical archipelago promises divers something different: St Vincent’s steep black coral curtained walls, Bequia’s monster schools of fish, Mustique’s currents, Canouan’s shapely hard corals and the nurse sharks of the Tobago Cays.

The diving is so diverse and there is no reason not to see it all—see the book for details of a dive package that lets you do just that, as well as information about how to move between the islands. Read descriptions of St Vincent and the Grenadines 12 dive operators and 67 dive sites. Checkout dive site 15 – Fish Mouth 1 Petit Byhaut 2 Dive St. Vincent 3 St. Vincent Dive Experience 4 Bequia Dive Adventures 5 Dive Bequia 6 Bequia Beach Club 7 Dive Paradise 8 Mustique Watersports 9 Dive Canouan 10 Glossy Dive Club 11 Scuba Shack 12 Grenadines Dive st vincent and the grenadines dive sites and dive centres Click on map for larger version bequia dive sites and dive centers HOT NEWS Updated March 2001 Bequia Dive Bequia now has a Nikonos 5 available for rental, so you make your own take home record of Bequia’s marine life.

Make them find a seahorse for you, their instructors know just where to find them. St. Vincent Wallilabou Dive Experience is now operating from 2 boats. One is a 31 feet Cabin Cruiser, capable of carrying 12 divers, plus they have a 21 feet rigid hull inflatable capable of carrying up to 6 divers. They are now offering a dive/hotel special, go to Previous HOTNEWS St. Vincent St. Vincent’s west coast now has a dive store. Wallilabou Dive Experience is owned and managed by Kenard Cruikshank, a PADI dive instructor.

We always thought that Wallilabou would be a great location for a dive store as there is quick access to the pristine diving off the west coast. Check out Kenard’s website for more information.

The location is marked as ‘NEW’ on the enlarged version of the top map of St Vincent above. Dive Bequia Dive Bequia has hired two new divemasters to compliment the regular instructors. Both are experienced Bequia divers and are able to give you an informed and entertaining tour of Bequia’s reefs. Bob Sachs, owner of Dive Bequia (which has now purchased the Sunsports operation) tells us they saw a whale shark on a resort dive recently.

How come the beginners get all the luck? Dive Bequia have recently invested in some extra small tanks so if your children want to give it a go (PADI allows children to start at 10 years old) Dive Bequia have the equipment. Friendship Divers is currently closed. Bequia Dive Adventures is a new store run by former staff of Sunsports.

The Grenadines

“The Grenadines are charming islands which still feel like a secret. They are ideal for people who are pure dreamers, those who aren’t looking for glitz and glamour but for a flower-filled caribbean garden” Island Magazine

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